Finalist Santander X Global Challenge The AI Revolution

Startup Category

Winner - BioGrip Revolutionary Bionic Technology

Health tech  •  AI  •  IOT  •  Data & Analytics

Biogrip is a Smart Bionic System that allow us to create artificial limbs and rehabilitation devices powered by AI & IoT.

Winner - DIVE Medical

Health tech  •  AI  •  IOT  •  Data & Analytics

Eye tracking and Artificial Intelligence for a universal solution for comprehensive visual function exams and screenings, suitable from 6 months of age and for challenging assessment of children with neurological issues.

Winner - Heartfelt Technologies.

Health tech

An automatic, AI supported, non-contact telemonitoring solution for heart failure patients.

Inrobics Social Robotics

Health tech  •  AI  •  IOT  •  Data & Analytics  •  Software

Inrobics proposes a new rehabilitation model using artificial intelligence and social robots to help people with functional or neurological limitations improve their quality of life.


Health tech  •  Med tech  •  Bio tech

Company dedicated to the fight against cancer (lung and breast). Its product, the OPS (Oncology Precision System), offers solutions through biotechnology and mathematics to best combine the available oncology treatments.

KSI Vision

Retail tech  •  Data & Analytics  •  SAAS & DAAS

IN-store analytics to prevent customers leaving without buying.


Health tech  •  AI  •  Software

Potentially impactful AI-supported remote diagnosis tool for dentists. They use real dental images rather than radiography. 

Psiconnea B2B

Health tech

Psiconnea is a disruptive mental health platform that can reduce the levels of anxiety, stress and sadness by identifying the users mood.

Transkriptorium AI

AI  •  Data & Analytics  •  Software

AI avalable to transform handwritten text in digital databases.


AI  •  IOT  •  Data & Analytics  •  Cloud  •  Robotics  •  Clean tech

AI-assisted drone inspections for efficient aerogenerator maintenance.

Scaleup Category

Braight Technologies

AI •  Data & Analytics •  SAAS & DAAS •  Software

AI credit solutions by customer behavior analysis software to deepen businesses’ understanding of their customers.


Health  tech  •  Digital  •  Med tech  •  AI

Proprietary eyetracking solutions and scalable business in Assistive Technology.

Winner - Legit Health

Health tech  •  AI  •  Software  •  Social Goods  •  SAAS & DAAS

Dermatology clinical practice using AI platform for diagnosis and automatic severity measure.

Orbit Financial Technology

Fintech  •  Tech  •  AI  •  Data & Analytics  •  Enviroment & Susutainbility  •  SAAS & DAAS

Text analytics and AI computing company that helps global financial institutions to make smarter and more informed decisions by scans large volumes of unstructured document types.

Winner - Orquest Software

Digital  •  Retail tech  •  AI  •  Data & Analytics  •  Software  •  SAAS & DAAS

AI-powered retail workforce scheduling & management solution.

Plant an App

Digital  •  SAAS & DAAS  •  Health tech  •  Gov tech  •  Data & Analytics  •  Software

App that enables business users to translate their work, ideas and processes to software through no-code app builder tool.

Sequentia Biotech

Med tech  •  Bio tech  •  AI  •  Software  •  Cloud  •  SAAS & DAAS

Bioinformatics company that transforms omics data into knowledge, offering bioinformatics cloud software, custom software and bioinformatics consulting services for healthcare, pharma, agriculture, industry and environment.

Honorable mention - Smartex Europe Unipessoal

AI  •  Data & Analytics  •  IOT  •  Hardware  •  Software

AI based solution to inspect fabrics during the manufacturing process to reduce waste and improve margins.

Winner - Splight

Clean tech  •  AI

AI based solution to develop more intuitive digital twins of energy infrastructure to allow users to capture/monetise/utilise energy generarted.

VisioLab GmbH

Digital  •  Food tech  •  AI  •  Data & Analytics  •  Cloud  •  SAAS & DAAS  •  Software

Visual self-checkout and automated food recognition system that recognizes food on a tray faster than a human being and enables immediate payment.