Santander X Launch

Prepare to go to market and maximize your startup success.

Do you want to learn what it takes and how to launch a successful business? 

Santander X Launch programme, launched by Banco Santander, in collaboration with Babson College, is a high-impact twelve-week virtual program for teams who have come out of pre-incubation and want to explore the unique entrepreneurial skills and expertise required to move towards incorporation and bring a project to market.

Participating teams will get the most out of the program the further along they are with their business model, innovation concept or initial assessments of their intended markets and are looking to incorporate, go to market or raise external funding. 

What graduated entrepreneurial projects say


Eileen Galván

Founder of Borboleta 

“Prepare to Launch for me was raising my level of thinking to other possibilities for my project, thinking outside the box and taking things to the next level; always question everything, validate my ideas, and dare to change my initial ideas to evolve.”


Agustín Blacker

Founder of Hedonix

“I found the program very good, especially having a mentor to help me refine not only the presentation but also the idea of​​the project. It is an intensive program in which, to make the most of it, it was important to have a validated business model.”

About the program


In this program, 100 teams (per program) will dive deeply into the entrepreneurial skills and techniques necessary for startup viability, learn from Babson faculty members who have helped thousands of successful entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses, benefit from building a network of global entrepreneurs, and earn a certificate of completion from the #1 school for entrepreneurship.

The learning path will cover essential “how-to” principles for building an enduring enterprise that apply broadly throughout the venture-building process and prepare teams to launch and accelerate successfully.

These principles include how to:

  • Design and run effective experiments to inform planning and execution.
  • Collect and analyze data related to product design, sales and marketing, and venture economics.
  • Build a brand story to captivate customers, recruit stakeholders, and raise resources.
  • Inspire internal and external stakeholders for effective leadership.

Our commitment


Banco Santander and its support for higher education

Banco Santander maintains a firm commitment to progress and inclusive and sustainable growth with a pioneering and consolidated commitment to education, employability and entrepreneurship, which it has been developing for more than 26 years and distinguishes it from other financial institutions in the world.

The bank has allocated more than 2,200 million euros and has supported more than 1 million people and companies through agreements with more than 1,300 universities.


Babson college

Working with institutions in more than 80 countries, the Babson Academy empowers educators around the world to teach entrepreneurship. Online and in-person programs are framed by Entrepreneurial Thought and Action, giving educators, administrators, and students an increased capacity to recognize and exploit entrepreneurial opportunity.