Banco Santander launches, together with Oxentia Foundation, a global challenge for entrepreneurs from 11 countries with innovative solutions in the field of the digital economy. Companies that help the digitalization of the industry, the improvement of the user experience and the stability and growth of the company with the optimization of processes.

This initiative aims to support and promote the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem linked to technologies that support the development of the digital economy, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and providing a platform for startups and scaleups to showcase their solutions in digitalization, in the fields of industry, business and society.

11 countries

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Uruguay and USA.

2 categories

For technology-based startups and scaleups with disruptive and innovative solutions in the Internet of Thinfs (IoT) space.

6 winners

In total, €120,000 will be distributed to 6 winners, access to Santander X 100 plus perks and benefits.

The winning startups and scaleups will not only receive cash prizes but also entry into the Santander X 100 programme, offering a unique opportunity to enhance visibility, network with industry experts and investors, and secure vital resources for growth.


Additionally, the evaluation and selection of finalists and winners for this Global Challenge have been expertly supported by two prominent technology firms, Cognizant and Hitachi.

Perks & Benefits

The winning teams will receive cash prizes, access to Santander X 100 community, the exclusive community for the most outstanding startups and scaleups of Santander X , connection with the Open Innovation area of Banco Santander and will be able to attend Barcelona 4Y4N (Spain), a leading international fair in the technology sector, where the prizes will be awarded to the winners of the challenge.

Additionally, the winning teams will receive recognition and promotion through Santander's media channels.

Barcelona 4Y4N

Barcelona 4Y4N

Invitation to one member of each winning team to the awards ceremony at the 4Y4N event in Barcelona. The invitation includes travel costs, accommodation and transfers.


Cash prize

Cash prize

€ 120.000 for winners:


3 startups: €10,000 each


3 scaleups: €30,000 each

Santander X Community

Santander X 100

Access to Santander X 100, the prime community of Santander X's most exceptional entrepreneurial startups and scaleups.



Promotion on Banco Santander's social media and official channels.





Awards Ceremony

On February 27th, the six winners of the Santander X Global Challenge | Transforming the Digital Economy were announced. This global challenge was driven in collaboration with the Oxentia Foundation, and more than 260 startups and scaleups from 11 countries participated. 

After the ceremony, which took place at 4YFN in Barcelona (Spain), the winners will receive a total of 120,000 euros in prizes and access to Santander X 100. 


Technology-based startups and scaleups from 11 countries, with disruptive and innovative cybersecurity solutions.


Startup category

Legally incorporated in one of the participating countries, meeting at least one of the following criteria: annual income that does not exceed $300,000, with capital raised between $100,000 to $1 million, or between 2 and 25 fulltime employees.


Scaleups category

Legally incorporated for at least two years in one of the participating countries, meeting at least one of the following criteria: annual income over $300,000, more than $1 million capital raised, or over 25 fulltime employees.

Key dates


Applications are open for cybersecurity focused startups and scaleups.

Finalist announcement

The 20 finalists announcements, 10 startups and 10 scaleups.


Pitch day

The 20 finalists are supported by interantional mentors to prepare a pitch to the jury.

Awards ceremony

Announcement of the 6 winners, 3 startups and 3 scaleups.

Our commitment


Banco Santander

Banco Santander maintains a firm commitment to progress and inclusive and sustainable growth with a pioneering and consolidated commitment to education, employability and entrepreneurship, which it has been developing for more than 26 years and distinguishes it from other financial institutions in the world.

The bank has allocated more than 2,200 million euros and has supported more than 1 million people and companies through agreements with more than 1,300 universities


Oxentia Foundation

Oxentia grew out of Oxford University's technology transfer company, Oxford University Innovation, with the aim of providing specialised innovation management services to public and private sector customers throughout the world.

Oxentia's approach builds on Oxford's strong tradition of globally supporting early-stage innovators and entrepreneurs to promote innovative projects that impact the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.