Banco Santander and Oxentia Foundation launch a global challenge to seek solutions that boost access to education and lifelong learning; help improve employability and enable companies to identify and attract the best talent; and strengthen entrepreneurship through the creation of new companies and access to key resources for startups.


This initiative aims to help companies working to change the world where technological advances and work dynamics make support for education, employability, and entrepreneurship essential.

11 countries

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Poland, Spain, the UK, Uruguay, and the USA.

2 categories

For technology-based startups and scaleups, with innovative solutions in education, employability, and entrepreneurship.

6 winners

€120.000 among the winners, access to Santander X 100 and other additional advantages and benefits.

What are we looking for?

With this global challenge, we are looking for the best companies with innovative solutions in the fields of education, employability, and entrepreneurship that help society tackle some of the biggest challenges it faces.

All you need to do is register your startup or scaleup before March 21, 2024. And remember, you don't need to be a customer of the bank to participate.

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Startups and scaleups that help improve access to education and promote lifelong learning.

We are looking for, companies related to online learning, competence development platforms, educational tools that promote inclusive education, AI-powered personalised learning systems, or virtual reality for immersive educational experiences.



Companies that facilitate better job search and talent attraction.

This could include solutions such as augmented reality simulators for recruitment interviews, AI platforms that offer personalised job opportunities, or AI solutions to help companies identify key skills that do not show up in traditional recruitment processes.



Solutions that promote the creation of new businesses or accelerate growth and access to key resources throughout their life cycle.

Some of the highlighted solutions could be disruptive incubation programs to generate new start-ups and access to resources to scale such as crowdfunding/financing solutions, mentoring platforms, key perks & benefits to grow and community generation.

All the finalists

Meet the 20 finalist companies, 10 startups and 10 scaleups

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Teaching, Education and Training

Pignus VR Spa

Teaching, Education and Training


Human Resources


Teaching, Education and Training

Jade Autism

Teaching, Education and Training


Software, programming and IT


Teaching, Education and Training

Singularity Experts

Human Resources

Startup Mundi

Teaching, Education and Training


Teaching, Education and Training


Human Resources


Teaching, Education and Training

Edtech and AI


Teaching, Education and Training


Financial Management

i3 Simulations

Teaching, Education and Training

Key2enable Assistive Technology

Teaching, Education and Training

Great Little People

Teaching, Education and Training

hr bot factory

Human Resources


Business management

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The winning startups and scaleups of the Santander X Global Challenge | Education, Employability and Entrepreneurship will receive the following benefits:

Cash prize

Cash prize

€ 120.000 for winners:


3 startups: €10.000 each


3 scaleups: €30.000 each

Santander X Community

Santander X 100

The community where Santander X's most highlighted startups and scaleups have the opportunity to access the ecosystem of entrepreneurs and necesarry resources to grow.

Connection with Fintech Station

The winning startups and scaleups will be connected to the bank's open innovation team to explore collaboration opportunities.





Promotion on Banco Santander's social media and official channels.





Technology-based startups and scaleups, with innovative solutions in education, employability and entrepreneurship.


Startup category

Legally incorporated in one of the participating countries, meeting at least one of the following criteria: annual income that does not exceed $300.000, with capital raised between $100.000 to $1 million, or between 2 and 25 full-time employees.


Scaleup category

Legally incorporated for at least two years in one of the participating countries, meeting at least one of the following criteria: annual income over $300.000, more than $1 million capital raised, or over 25 full-time employees.

Key dates

Open applications

Applications are open for startups and scaleups.

Finalist announcement

The 20 finalists announcements, 10 startups and 10 scaleups.

Pitch day

The 20 finalists will be supported by interantional mentors to prepare their pitch to the judging panel.

Awards ceremony

Announcement of the 6 winners, 3 startups and 3 scaleups.


Our commitment


Banco Santander

Banco Santander is firmly committed to progress with a pioneering and consolidated commitment to education, employability, and entrepreneurship, which it has been developing for more than 27 years and which distinguishes it from other financial institutions across the world.

Banco Santander has been recognised as one of the companies that are contributing the most to changing the world for the better, according to the ‘Change the World’ 2023 list from Fortune. To date, the bank has donated more than €2.2 billion and supported more than one million people and companies through agreements with over 1.300 universities globally. 


Oxentia Foundation

Oxentia grew out of Oxford University's technology transfer company, Oxford University Innovation, with the aim of providing specialised innovation management services to public and private sector customers throughout the world.

Oxentia's approach builds on Oxford's strong tradition of globally supporting early-stage innovators and entrepreneurs to promote innovative projects that impact the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.