Finalists Santander X Global Challenge I Cyberprotect the Future

Categoría startup


Software and programming

A developer assistant that automatically re-writes code to be secure.

Nymiz Software Company

Software and programming

Nymiz Software Company provides a B2B SaaS Software tool powered by AI that anonymizes PII.

Quantum Dice

Producción de hardware

Enabling encryption through verifiably secure quantum encryption key generators.

NDSE Cyber

Software and programming

By leveraging the power of a custom/built Blockchain and Distributed AI, Naoris Protocol eliminates all single points of failure from centrally controlled cybersecurity networks.

Akad Seguros


Akad CyberRisk Pro is a cyber insurance offering protection against data breaches and cyber risks.  


Information and communication

Entitle provides automated least privilege access for Cloud and SaaS.


Software and programming

CyberDesk detects and remediates data security risks across your multi-cloud.

Nokod Security

Security services

Nokod Security closes the security gap in Low-Code/No-Code business applications.

DeepSign GmbH

Telecommunications and internet

InvisID protects users from unauthorized account access through behavioral authentication.


Software and programming

Enterprise IAM resilience platform offering continuous backups and 1-click recovery.

Categoría scaleup


Software and programming

Azion Edge Platform replaces or improves two large groups of existing solutions to build, protect and scale workloads: Hardware solutions for on-prem use, and Cloud Computing solutions.


Software and programming

Surf Security protect organisational browsers with no external dependencies faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.

Calypso AI

Software and programming

CalyspoAI is the leading provider of AI security and robustness solutions.

Reveal Security

Information and communication

RevealSecurity, delivers accurate application’s behavior-based user analytics without requiring rules.

Mentes Digitales

Software and programming

Voice IDTech is a pioneer in voice biometrics for fraud prevention.

Alice Biometrics

Security services

Identity verification solution to protect digital assets in a secure and convenient way.

Gradient Technologies

Software and programming

Gradient Eliminates Credential Theft, the most common cybersecurity attack.


Software and programming

Conviso supports companies in the challenge of building and maintaining secure applications with product and services.


Security services

Biometric fraud prevention technology that guarantees that only the authorized user is the one executing any transaction.


Software and programming

Specialized provider of innovative cryptography and cybersecurity solutions.