Finalist Santander X Global Award 2023

Launch Category

Cricket Food

Universidad de la Empresa

Cricket Food aims to become a source of dignified and sustainable employment, and to ensure the delivery (through NGOs) of high-protein foods for those people who suffer from food insecurity around the world.

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Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Encantrics helps business analysts in enterprises to get access to (what used to be) complex data quickly. Having access to relevant information, companies can accelerate their data driven projects, increase sales, reduce churn and operate more efficiently.

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Universidad de Buenos Aires

Coffee shops discard more than 7 tons of coffee grounds and more than 20,000 disposable cups a year. Etimo propose a circular system where transform waste (coffee grounds) is transformed into reusable cups.

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Hedonix Bioscienc

Universidad Católica Argentina

Hedonix use non-conventional microorganisms with metabolic characteristics that facilitate the production of bioactive molecules. Using CRISPR genomic editing technique, it increases the yield by up to 9 times, and Hedonix have optimized the production time up to 16 times faster compared to current methods, achieving a 10-fold increase in production compared to current practices.

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Universidade do Minho

Hephaesnus’s purpose is to reduce the area consumed by forest fires every year, and drastically reduce the number of casualties, wounded, and millions lost due to this calamity. Hephaesnus aims to save people, territory, environmental and private assets, and ecosystems, through the use of novel fire extinguishing projectiles combined with drone technology.

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Universidad Nacional Autónoma De México

Chronic Kidney disease patients spend too much time and money on their treatment. Oxkali’s low-cost dialysis machine improves the quality of life of chronic renal disease patients who need renal replacement therapy by reducing time constraints, providing larger treatment flexibility, and increasing accessibility to automatic peritoneal dialysis while using the same supplies used for manual treatments.

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Universidad Andrés Bello

USD 450 million are lost annually in Chile from blueberry companies between damaged packaging and fruit unfit for consumption. Relier solves this problem by: reducing economic losses by delaying the ripening of blueberries, and providing compostable packaging under natural conditions.

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SpinAlly Medical

Universidad de Valencia

New-in-class spinal cord stimulation technology able to deliver energy to the inner side of the human dura mater. It consumes 100x less energy than actual epidural implants, is 2x thinner, and requires a less invasive implantation technique.

Team Repair

Imperial College London

Team Repair teach repair skills to instil a repair mindset in today’s society through the first zero-waste subscription service that teaches children science and technology using real-world products, meeting parent needs by teaching STEM skills along with the soft skills of curiosity, persistence and problem-solving through our product, whilst also creating social change.

Vintage for a Cause

Universidade do Porto

Vintage for a Cause aims to reduce the ecological impact of the textile industry along the entire value chain, through the reuse of textile waste and raising awareness on new models of production and consumption, allowing brands to have a solution with social and environmental responsibility for their stocks.

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Accelerate Category

Ancestral Technologies

Universidad De Tarapacá

Ancestral is capable of measuring with a very high level of density agronomic variables that allow better management of crops within protected spaces with irregularities. With this, they can correct these situations with greater precision and efficiency of resources, achieving improvements in production and reductions in losses.

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Apolo Biotech

Universidad Nacional del Litoral

The abuse of pesticides is destroying our soil microbiome, our earth and ocean ecosystems, and affecting humans well-being. The organic solutions available are not productive enough to feed the growing global population.

APOLO Biotech have designed stabilized double-stranded RNAs as exogenous precursors for crop-specific defences against pathogens (fungi, viruses and insects), allowing the replacement of synthetic agrochemicals for pest control.

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Pontifica Universidad Catolica Argentina

The great challenge of assisted reproduction is determining which embryo has the greatest potential to achieve pregnancy.

Embryoxite is developing a system to diagnose, classify and select embryos based on layers of information from embryonic development.

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ICU Medical Technologies

Universidad Miguel Hernandez

Temporary Cardiac Stimulation (TCP) is an effective technique for heart rate control using Temporary Pacemakers.

ICU Medical Technologies have design KronoSafe®, the first system to perform TCP with the safety and effectiveness patients need.

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Universidad de Alcalá

Liight motivates people to be more sustainable in their daily routines through AI Technology and Gamification.  Liight incentivises users to adopt more sustainable habits by deploying gamification mechanisms. Principally, users are rewarded with ‘Liights' when they walk, cycle or take public transport and recycle.

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Universidade do Porto

The WHO estimates that only 10% of the worldwide need for organ transplantation is being met, representing a loss of more than 18 million healthy life years. Recycling the amount of existing medical waste organs can solve the problem of waiting lists of patients who need organ transplants. The OrgaValue is an innovative process as it uses a technology based on the bioengineering of human organs that allows its recycling.

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Universidade Estadual De Campinas

Tarvos develop and operate smart traps for crop pests and predictive modelling to help ensure chemical and biological inputs are applied where and when needed.

Tarvos uses advanced biostatistical models and artificial intelligence to identify a variety of pests that are captured.

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Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Thermy is a Mexican Healthtech startup with the mission of saving lives from breast cancer through early detection, providing a harmless, reliable, and affordable screening test.

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Uni Sim Universal Simulation

The Open University

Uni Sim develop the world's first fully integrated and affordable desktop simulator for dental and medical students. Using haptic and VR technologies it allows students to practise treatments that feel like the real thing but allow the safety of practising, and making and learning from errors, on a virtual patient first to learn how to safely perform operations.

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Universidad de Concepcion

Worldwide, more than 17 million people suffer a stroke every year, and it is one of the main causes of disability worldwide.

Umov have created ALBA, a kinesthetic-technological device that complements the traditional rehabilitation therapy from day 1 after the stroke. 

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