Open until 28/11/2021

Santander X 100

Open until 28/11/2021

The new elite entrepreneurship comunnity launched by Santander X

Santander X 100 supports the most innovative Startups and Scaleups

Support to enhance productivity, employment and economic growth, by connecting them to the resources they need to make their business prosper and positively impact society.


This Elite Communnity gathers Startups and Scaleups that had an outstanding participation and performance in previous Santander X effortths, such as Awards and Challenges.

About Santander X 100

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  • Training

    Access to training programs, talks and specialized mentoring

  • Clients

    Access to potential clients and the Fintech Station of Santander Bank

  • Capital

    Access to capital, in specialized Demo Days or Roadshows

  • Networking

    With other startups, scaleups and pantners from the community

  • Chance

    Access to talent pool and summer interns


Statups < 250.00 € annual sales

Scaleups > 250.00 € annual sales

Selection process

  1. Invitation to elegible members: Startups & Scaleups that won in previous Global Awards and changes.
  2. Registration: Elegible members completed the registration before the deadline.
  3. Confirmation: Members received their confirmation letter and officially become part of the Santander X 100 community!