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05/03/2021 | Santander X

Start your entrepreneurial journey with Santander X.

Hello! You may have come this far because you wonder what you may have in common with Santander X, Banco Santander's university entrepreneurship network. For us, the answer is that the words “entrepreneurship” and “learning” go hand in hand. At Santander X we believe that your entrepreneurial journey needs to be fueled by continuous learning and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. It’s right at this point where we want to help you.

That's the reason why we’ve created this blog: to give you ideas, drive and tools to reach your entrepreneurship goals in a more solid and sustainable way over time. Here is what you can expect to find:

    ENTREPRENEURIAL TRAINING PROGRAMS. You can sign up for our programs, challenges, competitions and entrepreneurial initiatives. We have programs adapted to all phases of the entrepreneurial journey that, in turn, are powerful information platforms and growth opportunities.

    KNOWLEDGE AND COMMUNITY. Articles and content updated by entrepreneurs, theorists and experts in the entrepreneurial environment from around the world. You can consider our blog as a resource bank to help you focus your ideas. We want to be a speaker for the most inspiring entrepreneurial stories.

If you identify with what you are reading, put us on your list of favorites under the name “Santander X Blog” and visit us from time to time. We hope to be able to surprise you and, above all, support your entrepreneurial journey as long as  you need us.